What to do in Playa del Carmen

The city of Playa del Carmen, known as the heart of the Mayan Riviera, is a strategic point for people who want to discover, go out and explore the area. since it is located 70 km from Cancun, 59 km from Tulum, and a 40 minute ferry ride from Cozumel, you don’t have to change hotels to visit each of these sites.

Beaches and Water Activities

Playa del Carmen’s beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! You can walk for hours or enjoy all kinds of activities, such as jet skis, parachute, paddle, kayak, catamaran, fishing, scuba diving or snorkeling. Hotel LunaSol is associated with several beach clubs. Guests can use their sun loungers for free (a value of 10 usd per person). These beach clubs require a minimum of 10usd consumption per person. They offer the following services: free internet, restaurant, bar, clean bathrooms and massages (additional cost).

You can book your water activities online during the booking process on our platform, by email info@lunasolhotel.com, or directly at the hotel reception.

Shopping, Restaurants and Night Life

The famous Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue) is renowned for its atmosphere, life, wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars. Just 290m from our hotel, you can go out and enjoy this unique point of interest. For amateur shoppers, it’s paradise. You will find jewelry, handcrafts, shops of well-known brands, clothing, shoes, etc. For gourmets, it’s gastronomic pleasure!  You can enjoy awesome Asian, French, Argentinian, Hindu, Mexican, Japanese, etc. meals. And for those who want to have fun at night, there’s no better place than 12th Street. Coco Bongo, Mandala, and La Vaquita, are some of the most famous nightclubs in the region. Don’t miss them!

Chichen Itzá

The most famous archaeological site in the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichén Itza (in Maya: the mouth of the water wizard’s well) is one of the seven new wonders of the world. It is located in the municipality of Tinum, Yucatan State, 198 KM with tolls or 250 KM from Hotel LunaSol. This archaeological site, built by the Mayan civilization, was the most important ceremonial, military and political city in Yucatan.


This city formerly named Zama in Mayan (meaning in the Mayan dawn) and now known as Tulum (meaning Mayan wall) is the only archaeological area located on the beach. This site offers a postcard-worthy view. It is located 59 km from Hotel LunaSol.


The outstanding site of Coba or «chachalaca water» is the archaeological area with the highest temple in the Yucatan Peninsula and has the oldest network of stone roads in the Mayan world. It also contains stone stelae with inscriptions on the important events of this ancient city. This is one of the few places where you can still climb the pyramids. This site is located 108 km from Hotel LunaSol.

Ek Balam

The beautiful acropolis of Ek Balam or «Jaguar Negro» is located north of the Yucatan Peninsula towards Rio Lagartos. It is located 300 km from Hotel LunaSol. This site, protected by two walls built around 300 BC, allows you to admire a magnificent Mayan arch, buildings in the ceremonial center, the oval palace and a good-sized Mayan ball game.

Theme Parks

Xcaret: Fall in love with Mexico in more than 50 attractions surrounded by jungle, underground rivers and the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy typical Mexican dances, Mayan archaeological sites and the presentation of Xcaret México Espectacular. Xcaret is located 7 km from Hotel LunaSol.

Xplor: Slide through tree tops on traditional zip lines or, why not on a hammock! Enter the depths of the earth on underground tours filled with stalactites and stalagmites, or explore the Mayan jungle in fun amphibious vehicles. This park is what your adventurous spirit is looking for, it is located 7 km from Hotel LunaSol.

Xoximilco: The Mexican parties are the best. Imagine if it happens on the water in Cancun, even better! Ride a colorful raft that will take you through the canals of Xoximilco while enjoying the best of Mexican cuisine, in the company of new friends and mariachi music. Xoximilco is located 49 km from Hotel LunaSol.

Xenses: Rediscover your senses in Xenses, the only half-day park in the Riviera Maya. Feel like a bird with the zip line bird flying, or let yourself slide into a cave. You will question the reality when you visit El Pueblo, where you do not know if you are going up or down, whether the top is the bottom or the bottom is the top. Open your perception in Xenses. It is located 7 km from the LunaSol Hotel.

Xel-Ha: Discover a place to travel with nature. Dare to waterslide off the Mirador Light House. If hunger makes its way during the adventure, you can indulge in one of the restaurants of this all-inclusive park. Put on your life jacket, flippers and mask, the marine inhabitants of the lagoon are waiting for you in Xel-Ha, the place «where the water was born».  Xel-Ha is located 47 km from Hotel LunaSol.

Xavage: A park with unique and exciting activities on land, water and air. Have fun in the innovative rope circuit, a rope course where you are suspended in the air. Get ready to venture into a kayak and paddle through the canals. Fly through the air on a fun zip line or get behind the wheel of a Monster Truck across rocky roads. Feel the speed aboard a Jet Boat that makes turns up to 360 degrees on the narrow canals of the park. If you’re looking for more, get ready for rafting on the only fast-paced rivers on the Riviera Maya. Xavage is located 49 km from Hotel LunaSol.

Jungala: The new exclusive aquatic oasis you’ve always dreamed of. With concierge service, a tropical setting, private cabins and the best water attractions in the world, Jungala has it all without the long queues and crowds of a traditional park. Jugala is located 22 km from Hotel LunaSol.

Cirque du Soleil – ″La Joya″: Cirque du Soleil’s artistic production. Follow the adventures of a young rebel, who is caught in a mysterious jungle in her grandfather’s fantasy world. Surrounded by strange half-human characters, inspired by Mayan iconography, the old naturalist tries to teach his granddaughter his relentless pursuit of the meaning of life. It is located 22 km from Hotel LunaSol.

You can buy your activities online during your booking process on our platform, by email at the info@lunasolhotel.com or directly at the hotel reception.

It is recommended to buy directly with us to be sure to receive replies and support for any changes to your booking.


The Xcaret Group offers water attractions, adventures, wildlife and more! Celebrate Mexico enjoying its natural and cultural richness.


Explore or dive into the mystical flooded caves (locally called cenotes) of Quintana Roo.


Don’t forget nightlife. You will find several bars such as Mandala, Coco Bongo and several others!


Visit the wildlife of the Sian Ka’an Ecological Reserve where you can observe more than 350 diferent kinds of birds. There’s a perfect tour for you and your family.

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